Lodin Tower

This huge, baroque monstrosity lurks on the banks of the Thames in the square mile, not far from Parliament. Part skyscraper, part gothic cathedral, it attracts all manner of visitors and tourists to take a look at the usual combination of styles. The building is tall, 30 floors plus the ground floor and basement parking, but is built mainly from stone and concrete, with very little glass. Sweeping arches and buttresses adorn the structure, decorated with gargoyles and spikes for extra intimidation value. It’s a running joke among the Kindred that it’s simply the Houses of Parliament, built up instead of out. The most striking structure by far is the large rose window at the apex of the tower, which hides a grim purpose.

This is the noontime chamber, the execution ground of London’s dictatorial Prince, Lodin. Dawn’s rays creeping though this window are magnified, directed and focused by a series of prisms and mirrors until they create a tight beam of light in the centre of the room which is as intense as the noon sun- hence the place’s name. Of course, individuals to be executed are left in the spot to burn. The place has become a terrifying symbol of Lodin’s rule and brutality, and many, many stories circulate amongst London’s more superstitious (or simply wise) Kindred that, having, been bathed in death, chaos, panic and frenzy, the room has become something… more. They don’t like to talk about it much with the uninitated though.

Lodin tower also houses the main Elysium for the city of London on the 7th floor. General meetings, business and so forth are often conducted there, and of course all Kindred are treated equally. Those with the favour of the prince of course, are first amongst equals. Many Kindred prefer to use any other Elysium in the city, but as Lodin’s dogmatic pursuit of control grows, they have become increasingly paranoid about allowing new regulars for fear that the service they provide will be ‘centralised’ in Lodin tower, should they be discovered. As such, until Kindred can gain their trust, Elysium at Lodin tower is the closest thing many Kindred have to a safe place to conduct business.

By day, the place is teeming with mortals, toiling away to further fatten Lodin’s wallet, through a variety of means.

Lodin Tower

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