Heaven and Hell

Your home, haven and main source of income. Heaven and Hell is a night club in Chelsea which focuses mainly on rock, industrial and metal music. It serves a wide range of alcoholic beverages from Budweiser to a strange semi translucent liquid of unknown origin (the name is in the Cyrillic alphabet), best served to someone else. The recently appointed manager Terrig has made every effort to improve the range of drinks available, and the result has been several beer pumps offering a range of drinks, as well as the standard lagers and bottled alcopops.

Heaven and Hell has a more relaxed atmosphere than most places, which lots of seating, tables and booths. The music is not usually as loud as in other clubs meaning it caters to a smaller demographic. It also makes it ideal for certain ‘other business’ to be conducted in the area- at the behest of one of the owners, Russian drug dealers have been using the club as a final drop off point, dealing in anything for which there is a demand.

During the day, the club remains open but serves mainly as a pub, doing cheap food and beer n’ burger style deals. Recently, borscht appeared on the menu also.

Security is light at the door, but quite tight inside. Bouncers keep a close eye on people, and there are several security cameras covering the bulk of the club. People are patted down on the way in, but a dedicated mortal could easily smuggle something in if necessary. Guests of course, get in without question or remark.

Above the noise and activity are the owner’s private suites. These are small, simple one room apartments, carefully protected by a metal security door. There are no other points of entry, not even windows. A common room is also present, which contains a basic kitchen, table and storage cupboards. The manager’s desk and filing is also here, but Terrig tends to stay away from it having devised his own filing ‘system’. He manages to always cough up what’s required of him… eventually.

The club is making money, and the presence of the Russians has improved business somewhat, but with some creative thinking, the club could be further improved.

Heaven and Hell

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