This is one the largest clubs in London, and certainly one of the most popular. Gommorah is a vast, multi level building built like a warren. Trying to find your way around inside this club requires a map for the first few visits. It’s a maze of side rooms, small bars, dance floors, corridors, stairways and seating areas. Its unique layout (of which MC Escher would be proud), is due mainly to the fact it used to be a hotel. As such dozens of rooms have been knocked though, several stairways added and all manner of repurposing has taken place. The renovation must have cost millions, but the end result is undeniable.

After spending some time here, it is possible to fathom the chaotic layout. Strictly speaking, Gomorrah is actually four clubs in one building- a trance/techno area, an RnB area, a metal area and a fourth area which alternates each night, as well as being available for ‘private functions’. This fourth area is usually velvet roped off, and policed by bouncers who know damn well that you don’t know the manager unless the clothes on your back are worth more than any honest can make in a year.

The renovation left many of the rooms free and unoccupied, and they have been converted into sitting areas, or small bars and lounges. Many of these are also available for private functions, with no questions asked.

Obviously, Gomorrah has a reputation amongst the local police who would love to bring it down- were it not for the fact many of the higher ranking officers are frequent patrons (along with several members of government and some wealthy businessmen).

Nothing is known about its owners, operators or financiers. Odds are though that any operation this big probably has a Kindred with a finger in the pie somewhere along the line.


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