Terrig Williams

Barman and manager of Heaven and Hell


Terrig is 5 foot 6 with a very slight, almost gaunt build. He has short brown hair, usually worn gelled up and back, and large sincere blue eyes. The hair on his upper lip might be an attempt at growing a moustache, but in the months you’ve known him it has yet to get thicker. He rarely stands or sits still for very long, and seems exceptionally uncomfortable when forced to do so. He has a habit of wringing his hands, even when not nervous.


A young, former university student with a fondness for three things- Women, drugs and music. His recently acquired position as the manager of Heaven and Hell has given him ample supply to all three of these things and he is probably, at the moment, the happiest man in London. Despite his youth, Terrig is sharp, wise and eager, although he is often blinded by his own vices and bursts of self doubt. He likes to talk, but often continues to do so having run out of anything meaningful to say.

Terrig means well, but often fails to see things more than one step ahead, a trait which has landed him in varying degrees of trouble over the years (including a criminal record for the possession of cannabis). He operates more on instinct and feeling than thought and logic, but knows when to stop and ask questions. Sadly, they are usually the wrong questions.

Terrig Williams

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