Prince Maximilian Lodin

The Prince Of London


An absolute bear of a man, Lodin stands at just over seven feet tall- with a girth to match his height. He is clearly powerfully built, even under his ever present suit. The Ventrue archetype in the extreme, he has dark, close cropped hair and piercing brown eyes that make meeting his stare for any length of time a lesson in endurance. His presence in a room strikes fear into the hearts of all near him through his sheer physical presence, and none, save the gangrel have ever experienced anything other than fear frenzy if he causes the predator’s taint to overtake them.


Lodin is the owner and operator of a company known as Lodin Enterprises- a player in global IT markets and one of the largest stock holding companies in the world. Using these funds, as well as extorting huge amount of money from the Kindred of London, Lodin has constructed Lodin Tower, from which he lords over his city.

Recently (as in the last decade), Lodin has begun to ‘abuse’ his power, inflicting increasing levels of control on the Danse Macabre. His own covenant, the Invictus, are being given more and more powers, as are the Lancea Sanctum. Conversely, the Carthians and Circle of the Crone are losing territory, people, and resources. Even within the Invictus and Sanctum, there are discontent murmurs. Individuals whom Lodin is fond of gain power, influence and rank, whereas other people are left by the wayside. This is of course normal in kindred society, but each year, fewer and fewer people rise without Lodin’s consent and over the last 2 years, several Kindred have had their assets seized for attempting to move on individuals more powerful than themselves. These conflicts could have been won- were it not for princely intervention. The feeling in the city shifted considerably when it became apparent that Lodin intended no one could move from their place on the ladder without his consent. He has effectively destroyed the Dane Macabre, and with it, the only means the Kindred have to vent their violent, spiteful natures in a (relatively) safe manner.

His most recent action- the assault on the Circle’s Salween gathering has raised many eyebrows and marks another new point in his increasingly dictatorial policies- outright attack.

He was recently shamed in front of Freya Caine, an Invictus Matriarch who technically outranks him. His security failed to prevent an assassination attempt against him in Elysium- in his own tower. During the attempt, the assassin was killed by an unknown man who was assumed to be a Lupine. A second individual was also involved in the attempt, and is believed to have been a mage. If he did allow these creatures into Elysium, it would be a considerable brand on his reputation.


Prince Maximilian Lodin

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