Pale Horse

London's Sheriff


Most of what you’ve heard about London’s enigmatic Sheriff comes from rumour, hearsay and gossip. You’ve only met her the once, on the ill fated run against Fenris. Five foot seven, with a twisted, athletic build. Some Nosferatu manifest their corruption in subtle ways. Pale Horse is not one- the bottom ribs on her left hand side can be seen poking out form under her skin, causing a wound that reveals her chest cavity when the light catches it just right. Running up the right hand side of her neck and covering the side of her face are small, rough scales. Occasionally a stray hair can be seen to have taken root between them. They extend up to her scalp causing a strange imbalance on her otherwise long black hair.

Pale Horse rarely uses the Mask of Tranquility, but when she does her appearance remains much the same, albiet without the wound and scales. Strangely enough, her hair appears blonde instead of black when using this discapline.

When last seen, she was wearing a long white coat, sports top and combat trousers.

When she speaks, Pale Horse is short and sharp- to the point of utter rudeness. She has little patience in conversation and despite a seeming antipathy towards every living (and unliving) being under the sun (and moon), she somehow manages to hold together one of the largest and best organized groups of unaligned Kindred in the city- colloquially known as the watch. They are her enforcers and ensure that the basic traditions of the requiem are upheld.


Pale Horse’s motivations are unclear as she shows no sign of any altruistic tendencies or mannerisms, and Lodin would dearly love to have her destroyed and scattered to the four winds- meaning the position grants her no real political power, and to use her enforcers for her own ends would undermine the confidence of the Primogen (who’s unified front in her favour is the only thing stopping Lodin from appointing his own Sheriff).

Pale Horse

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